Contract Analytical Consulting

  • MS in Analytical Chemistry from University of Toledo, experience as bench chemist, lead chemist, and Director of R&D

  • Analytical Method Development, Validation, and Verification serving regulated industries such as dietary supplements, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and medical device.

  • Compendial method verification such as USP, EP, ISO, etc.

  • Experience in physical testing and analytical instruments such as HPLC, GC, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, GC/MS, LCMS, FTIR, Headspace Analysis, and more

  • Independent, third party analytical testing

  • All industries welcome, also experience with industrial applications such as household cleaners, manufacturing fluids, etc.

  • Protocol design and execution including study design, testing, and reporting 

  • Results and conclusions reported in internal reports, trade publications, or white papers

  • Upon request reports can be posted publicly by HydroScience LLC

Example of Publications, client publications are not posted on this site due to confidentiality requirements:


Trade Journal

Albert D.E., Hoffmann A.M., Sy H., Ziegler G.M. Assessing biological safety of metals associated with
medical devices. Medical Device Technology 2009; 20(6): 18-21.